MOCAPI allows cassava processors access to a hygienic and mechanized cassava processing equipment as a rental service. The unit is designed to transport major cassava processing machines such as the grater, a hydraulic press, milling and a sealer to meet the processors at their convenient processing location. So the combination of all these necessary processing elements in one single unit, makes an effective processing of cassava into garri possible.

The MOCAPI prototype was designed in collaboration with the GIZ Green Innovation Centre Nigeria project partners, BOSCH and the Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi – Nigeria (FIIRO). The partners align resources to upgrade cassava derivate production processes on cottage level. The initiative is targeting groups of women and youth who through interventions of the project, encouraged to take their production to another level and run their businesses on a commercial level even when still operating on and for the non-formal market.

The project targets the following major fields in order to sustainably increase the income of small-scale cassava processors:

Improved product quality

Improving working conditions (i.e. hygiene standards)

Improved business skills

Diversify the offer of products

Training on basic business skills