Aondona Garba, trainer for rice farmers at Farmer Business School (FBS) in Benue State Initially, I was horrified by the idea of standing in front of a class. But the training of trainers (ToT) that I received gave me a lot of confidence, and now I’m enjoying my job tremendously. It’s such a great feeling to see how our courses improve the lives of farmers on a daily basis. Segun and Mojisola Ladele, owners of the cassava processing plant Goldenlad in Maya City, Oyo State We felt that there was a market niche for producing high quality cassava flour. The Green Innovation Centre has given us the confidence to go ahead with this business idea. Now we hope for contracts with farmers who will deliver the very quality of cassava that we need. Timothy Lorchor, Owner of the Tsefan Rice Mill in Gboko south-east of Makurdi, Benue State We are very excited about our cooperation with the Green Innovation Centre. We can now expect rice of a much higher quality to be delivered to our mill for processing. By expanding our business, we can expect higher profits and offer more people steady employment prospects.